How many Kribensis (Pelvicachromis pulcher) in 180 liters?


I want to breed Kribensis in my 180 Liter tank. Until now, I only have a couple of Ancistrus catfish and a small shoal of Emperor Tetras in the tank. Should I add two males and females each so the fish can form pairs by themselves, or should I add just one pair?

in the long run, you can in any case keep only one pair in the aquarium, the aquarium size is not sufficient for two pairs. It would be ideal if a possibly not accepted inferior partner could be replaced with another one if required. If you give juvenile or half grown fish the opportunity to choose their partners by themselves, you must by all means provide a possibility to transfer the "surplus" fish into other aquariums or give them away otherwise (for instance to other aquarists, or possibly return them to the specialized trade - the latter one only if the retailer has agreed, please!).

I will have to transfer the other two ones into another tank once a pair has formed, won't I? (I have space available in another tank.)

This will become necessary at the latest when a pair has formed (see above, please), but probably even sooner as the fish are rather aggressive among each other.

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Dr. Bodo Schnell


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