Mollys apparently do not multiply


I have, among others, 3 female and 2 male Mollies in my 60 liter aquarium. However, they did not multiply until now (for over a half year, since I have them). Guppies and platies, however, multiply normally although the offspring always gets eaten. I have generally no "use" for more of them, but it nevertheless makes me curious. How can this be?

I am rather certain that the Mollies already reproduced as well. However, the fry are usually born at night and get eaten before the next morning. It is actually possible that you notice more of the other species. If you wish to breed the Mollies, best put the pair (or simply only the female if you are sure she already mated with a male) into separate, densely planted tank. Mollies hardly or not at all chase their fry, so there are very good survival chances for the babies when there are no other fish around.

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Dr. Bodo Schnell


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