Neon disease


I stocked my aquarium (60 l) with catfish, neon tetras and guppies. Apparently, the neon tetras are now infected with neon disease, which - as far as I know - cannot be treated. Four neon tetras already died from it during the last four weeks. Is there a risk that the disease will also affect the other fish?

some other characin species can also be infected with neon disease (caused by sporozoans of the species Pleistophora - you can also find the spelling Plistophora in literature - hyphessobryconis), but catfish and guppies will not be harmed.

And if yes, what can I do to avoid this?

Infected fish must be isolated right away. You can at least try a treatment with sera baktopur direct: With some "luck" it is not real neon disease but a bacterial infection with similar symptoms that can actually be treated.

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