Keep Firemouth and Convict Cichlids (Thorichthys meeki/Cryptoheros nigrofasciatus) together?


I would like to know whether Firemouth Cichlids (Thorichthys meeki) and Convict Cichlids (Cryptoheros nigrofasciatus) live in exactly the same biotope in nature?

"exactly the same" is maybe a bit too strong, but at least they originate from similar biotopes.

Do they get along well in a species only tank?

The species do not get along very well with each other (if both are in the tank, it is not a species only tank anyway), except the tank is very large (more than approximately 2 m length). Both species are rather (T. meeki) or very (C. nigrofasciatus) aggressive and territorial. Furthermore, they have quite some physical strength, therefore they will try to enforce territorial requirements with the corresponding vehemence.

Best regards

sera GmbH

Dr. Bodo Schnell


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