Conditioning saltwater for shrimps


I want to set up a small aquarium with shrimps. Could you please tell me which products I need for conditioning the required saltwater?

I will categorize this a bit:

Technical equipment

A protein skimmer is in any case advisable in saltwater. A motor operated internal filter is sufficient for agitating the water and for breaking down the remaining waste substances biologically; the biological pollution is not very high. It may be additionally advisable to add some macro algae (e.g. Caulerpa sp.).

Additionally required technical equipment includes a heater (the wattage depends on the aquarium volume and the temperatur difference between the aquarium and its environment) and the lighting. 

Water preparation and conditioning

High quality sea salt (e.g. sera marin basic salt) should be used for preparing the saltwater.  Fully deionized water (by reverse osmosis or an ion exchange system) is an ideal basis.

Protection against possibly present copper and other heavy metals as well as against other harmful influences is important. sera aquatan is a suitable conditioner for this purpose.


sera shrimps natural is a suitable staple diet; you may, for example, add food tablets for aquarium fish. It depends on the species you keep whether you rather feed them meaty food (sera O-nip) or herbal food (sera Spirulina Tabs). sera marin gourmet nori (Nori algae) are an excellent additional food for algae eating shrimps that the animals will eat very greedily.

Best regards

sera GmbH

Dr. Bodo Schnell


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