Ulcer on a dwarf gourami


This is about a female dwarf gourami. Close to the middle of the caudal fin root, a small white spot appeared that turned into a hole. The hole had a reddish brown edge, and the hole grew towards the tail. At the moment, the hole is a long fissure that has reached the end of the fin. And it appears that further small holes form. The fish is very lively, eats what it can get and has a spherical boil in the pectoral body region, as if it had swallowed a glass marble. I carried out a treatment with sera baktopur, and I have added sera ectopur to the water (26 °C). What does the fish suffer from, and how can I prevent further fraying?

possibly this is due to an infection with bacteria related to Aeromonas or
Pseudomonas (→ sera baktopur direct), but an infection with fish tuberculosis (cannot be treated) or a non-pathogenic ulcer disease (can also not be treated) is also possible.

I recommend transferring the fish into a quarantine tank and treating with sera baktopur direct (not the liquid sera baktopur). Unfortunately, you can probably not do more for the fish, and the chances are not very good (see above, please).


Best regards

sera GmbH

Dr. Bodo Schnell


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