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sera super peat (blackpeat granulate): how much and how long?

Hello, you can calculate 4 - 6 weeks as an average.This also depends on the KH and the water change rate [see also FAQ "How long may peat granulate (sera super peat) remain in the...

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Black Widow Tetras (Gymnocorymbus ternetzi) spawned

Hello, Concerning "spawn mold":It is also possible that the eggs were not or only partially fertilized. Unfertilized eggs quickly fall apart and become moldy, mold can then also...

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How can I soften dry food and remove the air it contains?

Hello, fish of the middle and deeper water layers often do not like to eat from the water surface – they instinctively “know” there is danger by hungry birds. However, freeze dried...

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Diferenças entre a Colisa lalia e a Colisa chuna/sota

Olá, Estas duas espécies são parentes próximos, mas, ainda assim, são diferentes: A Colisa chuna é uma mutação de Colisa lalia, que na sua forma original tem riscas azuis e...

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O que significa "NO2-N"?

Olá, É o azoto de nitritos, isto é, o N contido no NO2. Em consequência, ambos os valores (NO2 e NO2-N) podem ser convertidos entre si, multiplicando-os ou dividindo-os por 3,3 - a...

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What do I need for setting up a saltwater aquarium with 220 liters?

Hello, you should include the following: heater (the wattage depends on the desired water temperature as well as the surrounding temperature) lighting (type and intensity depend...

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