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Rot zones in the bottom gravel

Hello, first of all, 15 trumpet snails would be very few - possibly there are many more of them in the aquarium without being noticed! Regardlessly, the rot zone should be checked...

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How to change the filter felt of a sera air membrane pump

Hello, the rubber stopper is only plugged in and can be lifted with a little screwdriver (or the like). It works in the same way for the smallest model (sera air 110 plus) of the...

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Fish as snail removers?

Hello, I can only urgently advise against adding fish as "snail killers"! It usually concerns Clown Loaches and various pufferfish species. These fish are entirely unsuitable for...

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Fish have scratches

Hello, it sounds as if the Hoplosternum got "in the way" of the Thorichthys meeki (possibly those were breeding or preparing to do so?) and got attacked. The description - uneven...

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Perguntas sobre a população de um novo aquário de 200 litros

Olá, Não há qualquer objeção, no que diz respeito às espécies, contudo 8 Platis e 8 Guppies já é demais, também porque os vivíparos se multiplicam em grande número, num curto espaço...

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Is it sufficient to only agitate the surface but not aerate the water?

Hello, yes, this is completely alright. The main amount of oxygen is absorbed by the surface and not by aeration - however, the surface is also somewhat increased by bubble...

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