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O macho de Platy é agressivo face aos peixes da mesma espécie

Olá, considerando a proporção entre os machos e fêmeas, isso é, lamentavelmente, normal. Os machos de Platy são, de facto, agressivos face aos peixes da mesma espécie, especialmente...

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Sudden decrease of water quality and snail invasion

Hello, this sounds as if a dead animal (a fish or a larger snail?) is lying in the aquarium decomposing, which heavily pollutes the water. Generous (!) partial water changes are...

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Position of the sera F 700

Hello, yes, that concerns the complete filter! Make sure that no sand/gravel can get in and possibly damage the rotor, when place it on the bottom! Best regards sera GmbHDr. Bodo...

Água doce Peixes

Problematic fish stock / Can fry stay with their parents?

Hello, Concerning "young Burundis":I surmise in the following that they are Neolamprologus brichardi from Lake Tanganyika, which were/are sometimes sold as "Princess of Burundi"! Co...

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Disinfect quarantine tanks after use?

Hello, basically, thorough rinsing and allowing to dry is sufficient. If you wish to proceed particularly carefully you can wipe the tank with a "paste" made of sera ectopur and...

Água doce Equipamento técnico Manutenção

Limpeza de elétrodos de pH

Olá, os elétrodos de pH fabricados em vidro (ou, no caso daqueles fabricados em plástico, todas as peças de vidro), são, realmente, muito sensíveis, principalmente a danos mecânicos....

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