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Is the sera fil 60/120 safe for juvenile shrimps?

Hello, the water is taken in in the bottom section and then first runs through a sponge that in itself is almost entirely safe - even for juvenile shrimps. If you still have doubts...

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Do I put the sera plant color in the front or in the back position?

Hello, this is most probably a sera plant color. The aquarium inhabitants do not mind - however, most aquarists prefer to place the sera plant color in the front position. Reason:...

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Are the sera aquarium heaters also suitable for brackish and salt water?

Hello, there is no objection in any way! The heaters are also suitable for brackish or salt water without any restriction. Best regards sera GmbHDr. Bodo Schnell

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Are fertilizers harmful for shrimps?

Hello, they contain only such minimal traces of copper that there is no danger even for very sensitive shrimps and other invertebrates. sera florena and sera florenette are...

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Angelfish has damaged fins

Hello, no, I do not - to shorten the fins is advisable only in very few exceptional situations (Lymphocystis in the outer fin zones). Feeling in the fins is unlikely as long as the...

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Escalares apáticos

Olá, Estes sintomas podem ser um indício de que a água está poluída e/ou de uma consequente hidropisia (na fase inicial). Se houver outros peixes mais fortes no aquário, é também...

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