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Rocha viva do Mar Mediterrâneo: Que salinidade?

Olá, Quanto à "ventilação/temperatura":Sim, sou da mesma opinião. Quanto à "salinidade":Podem-se utilizar as mesmas salinidades que se encontram normalmente em aquários de recife,...

Água doce

Rot zones in the bottom gravel

Hello, first of all, 15 trumpet snails would be very few - possibly there are many more of them in the aquarium without being noticed! Regardlessly, the rot zone should be checked...

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sera baktopur: Conselhos de utilização

Olá, Quanto às “dificuldades de respiração”:Não, as dificuldades de respiração, mais provavelmente, são causadas por várias bactérias que também afetam as guelras (apodrecimento das...

Água doce Doenças

sera baktopur: Treatment duration

Hello, at first, the treatment should be carried out as described in the instructions for use, i.e. addition on the first and third days. It depends on different factors, such as...

Água doce Doenças

sera ectopur: Application and tolerance

Hello, sera ectopur is even more effective than common salt:it is a further development of the well known salt therapy that supoorts it by substances that release oxygen. It is well...

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Severe infection of goldfish

Hello, this sounds like a severe parasitic infection, which is mostly caused/triggered by water problems (e.g. organic pollutants, nitrite). However, a proper diagnosis is,...

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