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How can I regulate the suction with the sera gravel washer?

Hello, you can regulate the water flow and, correspondingly, the suction by simply covering the free end of the hose partially with your thumb. Best regards sera GmbHDr. Bodo...

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How can I lower the water hardness?

Hello, Concerning "lowering the GH level":this is within certain limits (some hardness degrees) possible with blackpeat granulate (sera super peat). More extensive lowering (e.g. for...

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How can I help a fish with unspecific symptoms?

Hello, without specific disease symptoms you will unfortunately not be able to do much more than put the fish into a separate tank, provide plenty of oxygen in the water (possibly...

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How can I build a bypass filter for denitrification?

Hello, the construction principle is actually very easy:all you need is a chamber equipped with intake and an outlet connectors, which is filled with sera siporax Professional (0.5...

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How can I hibernate goldfish living in a pond indoors?

Hello, goldfish can hibernate in cold (4 - 6°C) water (in that case do not feed nor disturb them) Usually, temperatures inside the house (including the basement) are higher, so the...

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Qual é a melhor maneira de fixar o musgo numa raiz?

Olá, é só por algum tempo - o fio pode-se retirar depois de algumas semanas (cortar e tirar), logo que o musgo já esteja agarrado! Desde que o fio de algodão se lave bem com água...

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