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What is the difference between sera baktopur and sera baktopur direct?

Hello, they are completely different products, i.e. other active agents. While sera baktopur is an active substance solution, sera baktopur direct is a tablet - each as an addition...

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What can I use to treat fungal infections when there are shrimps in the tank?

Hello, sera omnipur can be used in such cases since it is copper free. sera mycopur, however, is not tolerated by shrimps due to its - albeit low - copper contents. Best regards se...

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Wound on a Black Molly

Hello, a small injury (loss of a scale) is usually not much of a problem and will heal by itself under hygienic conditions. You just have to take care that no secondary infection,...

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Dwarf Gouramis are courting

Hello, Concerning "ready to spawn":it is unlikely that the female is not ready to spawn. On the one hand, it would not accept mating, on the other hand the male would not be...

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Do I have to put African Dwarf Frogs into another tank when using sera costapur?

Hello, the frogs are usually not particularly sensitive - however if there is a possibility it generally better to remove animals not affected during a treatment. Best regards sera...

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