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Is it possible that Ancistrus catfish attach themselves to other fish?

Hello, yes, this is actually possible. Some loricariids tend to attach themselves to other fish occasionally, which may lead to skin damages. Keeping tropical fish and goldfish...

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Os peixes podem mudar de sexo?

Olá, de fato, isso ocorre nalgumas espécies, o que é sabido particularmente no caso de alguns peixes marinhos, p. ex. diversos peixes da família Labridae e nos conhecidos...

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Can sera fluorescent tubes be dimmed, and what do I have to consider?

Hello, the sera fluorescent tubes can indeed be dimmed (e.g. for sunrise or sunset simulation). This requires operation with an electronic ballast. The tubes must be burnt in for 100...

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Do different Corydoras species cross-breed?

Hello, there have indeed been reports about hybridizations of that kind. It is therefore advisable to keep just one Corydoras species per aquarium as to maintain pure species. If...

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Keeping Spinycheek Crayfish (Orconectes limosus)

Hello, Concerning "plants":sooner or later this will most likely turn out to be "take them apart" and at least partly "eat them"! Concerning "food":the crayfish will literally eat...

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Problemas com plantas recentemente introduzidas / Perguntas sobre a dosagem de fertilizantes

Olá, Quanto às “folhas descoradas e finas”:De que plantas se trata? No caso de plantas de zonas pantanosas, p. ex. espécies de Echinodorus ou Anubias, é normal que, no início, as...

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