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UV protection foil for algae prevention?

Hello, I am sceptical, because glass itself already absorbs most of the UV. If the aquarium (and not heat etc.) is the main reason for the protection, you could also cover the...

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Peixes-disco em aquários comunitários

Olá, em princípio, todos os peixes calmos e pacíficos provenientes da América do Sul são adequados, p. ex. a maior parte dos caracídeos, ciclídeos anões e Coridoras. Por vezes,...

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Forgot to switch the filter back on after feeding

Hello, these were rather certainly bacteria and other protein metabolizing micro organisms (so-called infusoria) that were not drawn into the filter (where the organic matter would...

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Os peixes-gato toleram o sera mycopur?

Olá, O conteúdo de cobre é muito baixo e inofensivo, também para a maior parte dos peixes-gato. No entanto, durante o tratamento, os peixes-gato devem ser transferidos para outro...

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No water changes while being away for three weeks? / Preparing food for vacation substitute

Hello, yes, this is possible if basically everything is alright (no diseases, fish well conditioned, no basic fish stock or water problems). One more tip for the "holiday...

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What are the consequences of very high silicate levels?

Hello, high silicate levels indeed support diatom growth, but that's it. Silicate is not toxic and does not have any other (i.e. besides supporting diatom growth) harmful effects in...

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