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Diferenças entre a Colisa lalia e a Colisa chuna/sota

Olá, Estas duas espécies são parentes próximos, mas, ainda assim, são diferentes: A Colisa chuna é uma mutação de Colisa lalia, que na sua forma original tem riscas azuis e...

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Disinfect quarantine tanks after use?

Hello, basically, thorough rinsing and allowing to dry is sufficient. If you wish to proceed particularly carefully you can wipe the tank with a "paste" made of sera ectopur and...

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Do I have to put African Dwarf Frogs into another tank when using sera costapur?

Hello, the frogs are usually not particularly sensitive - however if there is a possibility it generally better to remove animals not affected during a treatment. Best regards sera...

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Do I put the sera plant color in the front or in the back position?

Hello, this is most probably a sera plant color. The aquarium inhabitants do not mind - however, most aquarists prefer to place the sera plant color in the front position. Reason:...

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Does nocturnal LED lighting disturb sleeping fish?

Hello, there should be no problems, provided the light intensity of the LEDs is not too high - in nature, the animals have to live with moonshine as well! You can easily find out...

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Does sera blackwater aquatan contain formaldehyde?

Hello, yes, this is indeed the case - sera blackwater aquatan does not contain any formaldehyde. Best regards sera GmbHDr. Bodo Schnell

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