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Fish have scratches

Hello, it sounds as if the Hoplosternum got "in the way" of the Thorichthys meeki (possibly those were breeding or preparing to do so?) and got attacked. The description - uneven...

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Fish stock for a 60 cm aquarium

Hello, you can add two male and 4 female Guppies, about 10 Neon Tetras, and 6 - 8 Otocinclus. The tank is already rather densely stocked with the above mentioned fish (by the way:...

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Fish stock questions for a 190 liter aquarium

Hello, 4 Ancistrus catfish2 are sufficient - better only add fish of the same gender if you do not have takers for the very numerous babies! 3 Port Hoplosgrowing to almost 20 cm,...

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Fish stock with Neon Tetras and catfish in a 60 cm aquarium

Hello, one group (8 - 12 specimens) each of Neon Tetras and a small Corydoras species, plus possibly a group of Midget Sucker Catfish (Otocinclus and related genera) is sufficient in...

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Fluxo de água rápido ou lento no filtro?

Olá, Em princípio, uma combinação de ambos seria uma solução ótima. Pelo menos no caso de níveis elevados de nitratos, isso é possível, através da combinação de um "filtro...

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Forgot to switch the filter back on after feeding

Hello, these were rather certainly bacteria and other protein metabolizing micro organisms (so-called infusoria) that were not drawn into the filter (where the organic matter would...

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