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Funcionamento de sistemas de CO2 sem paragem noturna?

Olá, Em princípio, existem as seguintes opções para interromper o fornecimento de CO2 durante a noite: Válvula solenoide com controlo de pH (seramic pH Controller)Válvula solenoide...

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Gluing rocks and decoration with silicone

Hello, lava is not really the best choice for an aquarium: the material is rough, has sharp edges and bears high risk of injuries for fish, e.g. in case they are frightened and crash...

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Green algae only in the stronger lighted part of the aquarium

Hello, this indicates that the light intensity in the front part is considerably higher (this is not necessarily obvious to the eye!). In such cases it is worth a try to reduce the...

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Hornwort floating at the surface?

Hello, Concerning "name":Ceratophyllum demersum (very common) and Ceratophyllum submersum (rather uncommon) are known in the aquarium hobby. Concerning "roots":yes it will - growing...

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How are fertilizer tablets optimally applied?

Hello, To 1.:it is not necessary to dig them in. It is sufficient to place the tablets near the roots or slightly push them into the gravel.They usually quickly stop doing so once...

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How can I remove algae from the bottom ground and the plant leaves?

Hello, you can simply siphon off algae from the bottom ground, provided they come off. A soft cloth or a soft toothbrush will work quite well in plant leaves.The same applies for...

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