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Which food for guppies?

Hello, sera Vipan Baby is suitable up to a size of approximately 15 mm. Afterwards, suitable foods include sera Guppy Gran, sera Vipagran Baby, sera Vipagran, sera Flora, sera...

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Which food for mangrove crabs?

Hello, sera Crabs Natural is optimal as a staple diet. You can additionally use food tablets such as sera O-Nip, sera Viformo, sera Plankton Tabs and sera Spirulina Tabs. FD food...

Água doce Alimentos

Which food for spiny eels?

Hello, for example, sera Granured, sera Vipagran and all FD foods are suited for juveniles - preferably soaked to make it sink better (the method is described in the FAQ "How can...

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Which pump is included with sera internal biofilter B 400?

Hello, the sera internal biofilter B 400 included a sera submergible pump P 700 adjustable - the maximum feed performance of this pump is 650 l/h. Best regards sera GmbHDr. Bodo...

Água doce Equipamento técnico

Which pump performance for a 230 liter aquarium?

Hello, this mainly depends on the fish - i.e. whether you keep species from standing or slowly flowing waters or ones with a strong current. A general statement is therefore...

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