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Piranhas in an aquarium

Hello, I will split the answer into a number of different topics! Setup:a very large aquarium (at least 1,000 liters for 5 fish, preferably more) with sand bottom (the fish dig...

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Platies: How can I detect pregnancy, how often do the fish give birth?

Hello, the unborn fry are visible as a gravid spot (a dark spot diagonally above the anal fin). Just before birth, even the eyes of the fry can be seen through the skin of their...

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O macho de Platy é agressivo face aos peixes da mesma espécie

Olá, considerando a proporção entre os machos e fêmeas, isso é, lamentavelmente, normal. Os machos de Platy são, de facto, agressivos face aos peixes da mesma espécie, especialmente...

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Problematic fish stock / Can fry stay with their parents?

Hello, Concerning "young Burundis":I surmise in the following that they are Neolamprologus brichardi from Lake Tanganyika, which were/are sometimes sold as "Princess of Burundi"! Co...

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Can I keep terrapins and fish together?

Hello, this is not a good idea for several reasons: Terrapins grow very large (for instance, the popular Red-Eared Sliders grow to 25 - 30 cm length). The aquarium must therefore...

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Veiltail goldfish in an aquarium

Hello, first of all, 25 liters are by far insufficient for goldfish, including veiltails! The gross tank volume shoud be at least 100 liters for juveniles, and the fish need to be...

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