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É normal que as pastilhas de sera baktopur direct se dissolvam lentamente?

Olá, Neste caso, é necessário ter paciência. As pastilhas dissolvem-se de modo bastante lento, mas por completo! Isso deve-se a razões de natureza técnica. Pode dissolver as...

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Betta has no upper lip

Hello, this can be due to a disease (was there possibly any kind of skin slime visible?) or an injury. If it was that way from the beginning, a misshaping (e.g. by mineral of...

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Can I use sera mycopur and sera baktopur direct together?

Hello, yes, this is possible. Both are applied in the corresponding "normal" dosages. Best regards sera GmbHDr. Bodo Schnell

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Can fish die even several days after a nitrite intoxication?

Hello, the nitrite level should by all means checked daily (twice if possible) - sera toxivec and sera bio nitrivec provide detoxification and biological activation, respectively. B...

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Neon tetras with bloated bellies

Hello, females ready to spawn (which is rather uncommon in aquariums) do not become apathetic, therefore it sounds more like a disease. Of course, this cannot be determined without...

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Doença do Neon

Olá, Algumas outras espécies de Caracídeos também podem ser afetadas pela doença do Neon (causada por esporozoários da espécie Pleistophora - na literatura também existe a expressão ...

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