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“Bolas de musgo” / Quantidade de alimento

Olá, Quanto à “bola de musgo/condições/multiplicação”:Na verdade, não é musgo, mas sim uma alga verde (que, neste caso, é desejável).É suficiente colocá-la no aquário e lavá-la, caso...

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How can I soften dry food and remove the air it contains?

Hello, fish of the middle and deeper water layers often do not like to eat from the water surface – they instinctively “know” there is danger by hungry birds. However, freeze dried...

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Which food is suitable for Ancistrus catfish, Platies and Mollies?

Hello, in particular, sera Catfish Chips, sera Spirulina Tabs and sera Viformo are suitable for the catfish. sera Flora, sera GVG-Mix, sera Spirulina Tabs (attached to the aquarium...

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No water changes while being away for three weeks? / Preparing food for vacation substitute

Hello, yes, this is possible if basically everything is alright (no diseases, fish well conditioned, no basic fish stock or water problems). One more tip for the "holiday...

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Which food for guppies?

Hello, sera Vipan Baby is suitable up to a size of approximately 15 mm. Afterwards, suitable foods include sera Guppy Gran, sera Vipagran Baby, sera Vipagran, sera Flora, sera...

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Which food for small and finicky fish?

Hello, grinding is not necessary, but you might soak the food briefly (15 - 30 seconds are sufficient) before feeding it to the fish. This brings another considerable improvement...

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