Can I keep butterfly cichlids and angelfish together?


I have a few questions about butterfly cichlids. I think they are very beautiful, but I also have 2 angelfish in my aquarium (80 cm). Can I keep them together?

considering only the species, keeping them together would be possible. However, the tank is already too small for the angelfish alone. 200 liters at 50 cm tank height are the minimum, but more is in any case desirable.

And as far as I understood you can always keep just one pair, or could I also keep 2 or 3 pairs?

Even if they are rather peaceful - they are cichlids and show territorial behavior, i.e. you can keep two pairs if the tank is large enough for them. It should be possible in an aquarium with about 300 liters and an aquarium shape as long as possible which is set up with many sight barriers in the bottom are (the angelfish will also fell well in this environment).

On the one hand I heard they prefer stones on the other hand I was told they prefer roots. What is correct?

Roots always provide good sight obstruction and territorium markings, but the fish usually prefer flat stones lying on the bottom for spawning; butterfly cichlids typically breed on firm, flat and open surfaces.

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