Do I put the sera plant color in the front or in the back position?


I have a sera blue sky Royal, combined with a red to violet fluorescent tube, also by your company, in my aquarium. Unfortunately I do not know anymore what it is called. When I purchased the tubes at an exhibition I was told they were an ideal combination. Could you maybe help me find out what tube this is? The writing on the tube is unfortunately unreadable now.

this is most probably a sera plant color.

Which tube should be installed in the front position and which one in the back position in an 80 cm tank?

The aquarium inhabitants do not mind - however, most aquarists prefer to place the sera plant color in the front position.

Reason: The plants grow towards the light 'bowing' forward when the plant tube is in the front position. Thus they will show the viewer their upper leaf sides, which are usually considered more beautiful.


Best regards

sera GmbH

Dr. Bodo Schnell


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