Which fluorescent tubes?


My aquarium has 4 fluorescent tubes, and I would like to switch to your tubes. Which combination of fluorescent tubes would you recommend for a standard aquarium with 4 tubes, and in which order should I place them?

I recommend the following order:

  • Front tube: sera plant color, provided the tank is planted
  • 2nd - 4th tube: sera brilliant daylight and/or tropic sun, depending on your personal taste. The general rule is: Use the sera brilliant daylight for fish from clearwater biotopes, and the sera tropic sun Royal for rainforest fish.

If you keep East African cichlids, I recommend a combination of sera brilliant daylight and sera blue sky instead. The order can be chosen according to the personal taste - just try out the different positions to find out what you like best!


Best regards

sera GmbH

Dr. Bodo Schnell


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