How can I lower the pH value (South American and Southeast Asian fish)?


How can I lower the pH value? I keep hatchetfish, Cardinal tetras, yellow gouramis and Siamese algae eaters in my aquarium, and I wanted to add a few Otocinclus as well.

you can lower the pH value with sera super peat (blackpeat granulate) or sera pH-minus.

At the moment, the pH value is 8, or is that not too high at all?

It is indeed too high for the fish!

If yes, what should it be like?

A pH value around 6.5 would be ideal in this case.

How many specimens of Otocinclus affinis should I keep?

The midget sucker catfish do well in groups of approximately 8 - 10 specimens; but they are very likely not Otocinclus affinis - this species is extremely rarely imported, and virtually all fish sold under this name in the trade are from other species.

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