Questions about stocking a new 200 liter aquarium


I set up a  200 liter aquarium 4 days ago and planted it with different plants. Now I am not certain about the chosen fish selection. I would probably like to add 8 Platies (3/5), 8 Guppies (3/5), 4 Swordtails (2/2), 6 Bronze Corys (3/3) and 2 Ancistrus catfish, one after the other. Is that a good selection concerning species, number and size of the fish?

There are no objections against the species, however 8 Platies and Guppies each are rather a lot, and the livebearers will also multiply quickly within a short time. 2/3 are enough in this case, furthermore I recommend to add only one male Swordtail. It is better to increase the Corydoras group instead, 10 - 12 specimens are desirable.

When can I start adding the fish at the earliest?

When using sera bio nitrivec, you can add the first fish (preferably the two Ancistrus) already on the next day, the other fish in 2 oder 3 groups with about a week inbetween them.

How can I prevent introducing diseases, apart from visual control at the retailer's?

Only by quarantine (please see "How do you carry out quarantine properly?" in the FAQ/General). However, a still unstocked aquarium actually is a quarantine tank for the first fish you add!

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Dr. Bodo Schnell


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