sera baktopur: Application tips


My angelfish are suffering from fin rot, I got sera baktopur from my retailer to combat it. Now I sometimes read on the Internet that this may make the fish suffer from shortness of breath, as the filter bacteria would also be harmed... do you know anything about this?

no, shortness of breath is rather caused by quite a number of bacteria that also affect the gills (bacterial gill rot), and consequently breath as well.

I have added 20 ml to 400 liters of water today, the filter runs normally (without carbon).

Yes, this is OK.

Is it necessary to add additional air?

Additional aeration is always advisable in case of a disease, it is even urgently required in case of acute breathing problems.

Are there fish that do not tolerate sera baktopur, and what about the plants?

According to our experience, there is no trouble to be expected!

Best regards

sera GmbH

Dr. Bodo Schnell


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