Should I combat trumpet snails in the aquarium?


I have plenty of trumpet snails in my aquarium. The bottom is covered, and the aquarium glass is full of them after the lights go out in the evening. I have been feeding less for a longer time now. Is there a good method to catch these snails? How can I reasonably reduce the number of snails? 

there is not really a reason to do so, as trumpet snails in particular are very useful in aquariums. But if you wish so by all means, you can trap them with a snail trap (sera snail collect) and remove them. 

Are they harmful?

No, it is just the other way round. Trumpet snails are about the must useful creatures one can have in an aquarium. I do therefore not recommend combating them. There is just one minor feature you should bear in mind: The snails of course withdraw calcium and carbonate from the water for building their shells, therefore you should check GH and KH regularly and increase the levels if necessary. However, the Trumpet snails are certainly worth this little effort.

Best regards

sera GmbH

Dr. Bodo Schnell


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