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Quick and safe help in case of a disease

Unsuitable keeping conditions and stress quickly lead to disease outbreaks in aquariums. However, single diseases may also occur even in case of best keeping conditions.

In such cases, quick help for the ill animals is absolutely indispensable. sera provides the trade with a broad treatment range for most of the ornamental fish diseases that can be treated.

Besides so-called broad range treatments that treat several possible diseases in case of uncertain or difficult diagnosis, treatments for the directed treatment of specific diseases are available. The range is completed by the sera med Professional range – highly effective treatments specially developed for professional application.

All sera treatments are characterized by maximum safety for animals and users.

Treatments for ornamental fish with unique healing power


a) Für Kinder und Haustiere unzugänglich aufbewahren. Nicht mit Haut und Augen in Berührung bringen. Bei Raumtemperatur und vor Licht geschützt aufbewahren. Nicht bei Tieren anwenden, die der Gewinnung von Lebensmitteln dienen. Bitte Packungsbeilage beachten!

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