Green algae in an East Africa aquarium / Which fluorescent tubes?


I have a problem with green algae. Now I read that one is supposed to replace the fluorescent tubes regularly. I have peacock cichlids, what kind of tubes do you recommend in this case?

usually, elevated nitrate levels are responsible in case of green algae, which is rather common in aquariums with East African fish due to the mostly low number of plants. Increased water changes with water low in nitrate are advisable in this case as well as adding more plants if possible - Vallisneria plantss are suitable, at least with non-herbivorous fish species - and using about 1 liter sera siporax per each 100 liters of aquarium water in the filter (this leads to nitrate breakdown directly in the biofilter).

In particular, the sera daylight brilliant and the sera blue sky fluorescent tubes are suitable for lighting East Africa aquariums. They can advantageously be used in combination; a sera plant color may be a useful additional tube.


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Dr. Bodo Schnell


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