Relaxation for the living room

Relaxing on the sofa and enjoying the comfortable environment – this is pure luxury. An aquarium (e.g. Biotop nano cube 60 by sera) largely contributes to a comfortable ambiance in your living room. It fascinates and relaxes at the same time, so the entire family can enjoy it.

The underwater world of an aquarium is impressive and enlivens every living room with its magnificent, splendid colors. Besides interesting observations, aquarium keepers can also enjoy many calm hours: The colorful ornamental fish and green plants have soothing effects and lower the blood pressure, and turn the living room into an isle of calmness.

The sera Biotop nano cube 60, for instance, is an ideal aquarium for beginners. The complete system is immediately ready for use and biologically active. The single components of the integrated, high quality technical equipment perfectly match with each other and allow for easy care. Due to its space saving, cubic shape, the Aquarium can be placed also in small living rooms. This ensures exciting as well as relaxing hours with the new aquarium.


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