Optimal protection for valuable Koi and coldwater fish

  • Immediate removal of aggressive chlorine
  • Immediately binds toxic heavy metals (e.g. copper or lead salts)
  • Prevention against water pollution by toxic ammonia
  • Mucous membrane and gill protection

sera KOI PROTECT immediately converts every water into fish friendly, clear, healthy and safe pond water. It removes aggressive chlorine reliably, quickly and without affecting the pH, binds toxic heavy metals and prevents water pollution by ichthyotoxic ammonia. sera KOI PROTECT protects mucous membranes and gills. Stress is reduced (e.g. during transport) and the living conditions for fish, plants and micro organisms in the pond are considerably improved.

Comment Quantity Item no.
sera KOI PROTECT sufficient for: 2,640 US gal. (10,000 liters) 500 ml 07214
sera KOI PROTECT sufficient for:13,200 US gal. (50,000 liters) 2500 ml 07217
sera KOI PROTECT sufficient for: 26,417 US gal. (100,000 liters) 5000 ml 07218

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