They have a thick carapace and are renowned for their calmness. There have been turtles for over 200 million years. This is fascinating for animal lovers at all ages! sera completed their reptile range to as ensure success in rearing and keeping turtles and other exciting reptiles.

Be it Eurasian Tortoises or Marginated Tortoise – a Mediterranean style terrarium is suitable for rearing juvenile animals until they can be transferred into an appropriate open air enclosure.


There are no limits to the natural setup in the new sera reptil terra biotop 60. The terrarium with the dimensions 60 cm x 60 cm x 45 cm (W x H x D) provides sufficient space.

The terrarium provides two wing doors for easy access and maintenance. They can be opened to the front separately or together. A special safety lock prevents escaping. Aeration bars in the doors prevent foggy panes.

The bottom should consist of a blend of soil and sand. Furthermore, the bottom ground material sera reptil coco soil is suitable, an entirely herbal product made of pressed coconut shell fibers.

Technical terrarium equipment

Since turtles are cold-blooded animals that form vitamin D3 using UV-B irradiation, they have special requirements concerning light and surrounding temperature. The modern technical equipment products of the sera reptil range (sera reptil sun heat and sun spot, sera reptil thermo ceramic and heat cable) allows creating environments where light conditions and temperature are ideally balanced according to the requirements of the species you keep.


The selection of non-toxic plants is very important especially for tortoises that are fed an exclusively herbal diet. “Kitchen herbs” such as thyme, rosemary or lavender are particularly suitable. The etheric oils they contain additionally prevent parasite infestations and care for the carapace.

In the wild, herbivorous reptiles, such as the popular Eurasian Tortoises, eat fiber containing plants with low protein contents. These are mostly replaced with different types of lettuce when keeping them in a terrarium. However, this is not sufficient for an appropriate nutrition – deficiencies are a common consequence.

The supplementary food sera reptil reptifiber enhances the lettuce for the animals and ensures perfect nutrient supply.

Together with sera as their partner, terrarium beginners and aficionados will provide a living environment according to the natural reauirements of their turtles. The requirements of the inhabitants will certainly be fulfilled.


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