A piece of nature in the living room

Spectacular landscapes with impressive rock formations and colorful tropical vegetation. Those who wish to experience dream-like natural sceneries closely do not have to travel half the world. Aquascapes transfer the magic of exotic holiday domiciles into your own four walls. [more]


sera donates 5,000 Euros for Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders)

sera donates 5,000 Euros for a good cause. The manufacturer of high quality products for aquariums, ponds and terrariums supports the network of Médecins Sans Frontières in their medical support operations in disaster and conflict areas throughout the world.[more]


LEDs as a replacement for fluorescent tubes

LED lamps are a modern and energy saving alternative to common fluorescent tubes. The new sera LED X-Change Tubes allow presenting the colorful aquatic underwater world impressively, flexibly and energy efficient. [more]


Now available: sera calendar 2015

News for aquarists, terrarium and pond keepers: The sera calendar for 2015 is available in stores from now on. A selection of impressing photographs will accompany you through the year. There is also valuable advice and information about product news. Now the new year may come.[more]


An Amazon vacation at home

Enjoy the magic of tropical underwater landscapes. The exciting behavior of colorful shrimps. Dive into the view of the fresh, living green color of exotic aquatic plants. It is ther fascinationg world of nano aquarium care that sounds like an Amazon holiday. Great: There is space for the unobtrusively designed complete aquariums finden in every home, and they are a real eye catcher.[more]


sera guide booklets

Browse our extensive guide booklets. From the first steps via correct feeding up to health related topics ...

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