sera X-Feeder

The newest generation automatic feeder for granules and flake food. Entirely without additional aeration.

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sera siporax pond protect Professional

sera siporax pond protect Professional is the newest pond filter medium within the siporax family by sera.

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Innovation in the herbal water conditioner range

Two plant based water conditioners are the newest findings of the sera research team. They add to the already existing products of the Phyto med range: sera Phyto med Mycozid und sera Phyto med Catappa.

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Many novelties on sera’s second digital fair

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sera AquaTanks

Three new design aquariums complete the aquarium concept and provide more than 1,500 additional possibilities for individualization.

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Sustainability thoroughly thought out

sera Insect Nature, sera Pond Insect Nature and sera Turtle Adult Nature set new standards.

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Good things
made even better:
sera pond UVC–55X

With the pond UVC-55X, sera presents the consistent further development of the previous UV-C system.

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sera Nature

The new sera Nature food types do not require dyes nor preservatives and thus allow for a special natural fish diet.

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sera siporax Nitrat-minus Professional

It has already been proven several times that siporax is able to break down the nitrogen compound nitrate, which is known to be an algae nutrient....

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Double award ceremony for "pet product of the year"

After the scheduled personal award ceremony had to be postponed last year due to the COVID pandemic it is now even more pleasant that two awards at...

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sera online laboratory – our free service for your aquarium

You can quickly and easily evaluate the water parameters of your aquarium in the sera online laboratory. We will give you advice on how to improve the water quality if required.


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sera is a medium sized company from North Rhine-Westphalia. The range of sera products covers a wide selection for aquariums, ponds and terrariums. Apart of the fish foods, treatments and filter media sera offers technical products and those for water care. As manufacturer of more than 2000 articles for aquariums, ponds and terrariums sera has everything for species specific care and pet keeping demands. Ornamental fish, shrimps and reptiles but also aquatic plants can be kept successfully with sera products.

Keeping aquariums, ponds or terrariums is a highly diverse and interesting hobby. sera’s main philosophy is to keep things non complicated allowing users to concentrate on the side of enjoyment pet keeping has to offer.

Every hobby has its challenge but also problems here and there. Clever solutions are sought for such situations. The sera research team has developed a lot of such solutions during the last decades: Starting from species specific foods, shrimp foods, foods for reptiles to water conditioners reducing the stress impacts in aquatic inhabitants during the procedure of water changes. Highly efficient treatments help rapidly against infections; unique filtration media siporax generates superb water parameters.

sera – worldwide in specialized trade

The company sera has its headquarter in Heinsberg/North Rhine-Westphalia. This position in central Europe offers logistic advantages and as consequence advantages for the environment, too. sera has several own branches and partners for distribution. Through them sera products from Germany are available in 80 countries worldwide.

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