sera Rock Dragon Stone

Brown natural rock with strongly furrowed surface

The sera Rock Dragon Stone is a bright to dark brown natural rock characterized by its strongly furrowed, almost porous surface. It resembles the skin of a dragon, therefore this kind of stone is known as “Dragon Stone”. Due to its exceptional surface structure it is optimally suited for impressive layouts in Iwagumi style. The small crevices and holes allow planting, for instance, moss or Bucephalandra.

The sera Rock Dragon Stone is available in the three sizes S/M, L and XXL. The XXL version is the so-called mainstone or solitary stone that can serve as a highlight in the aquarium.

  • sera Rock Dragon Stone S/M: 0.6 – 1.4 kg (1.3 – 3.1 lb.)
  • sera Rock Dragon Stone L: 2 – 3 kg (4.4 – 6.6 lb.)
  • sera Rock Dragon Stone XXL: approx. 6 kg (13.2 lb.)

The rocks are cleaned before shipping and should not contain any remaining mud. They should nevertheless be watered before placing them in the aquarium to be on the safe side. However, the rocks do not have an influence on the water parameters.

The product can differ from the picture since it is a natural product.

Product name SAP-Mat.-Label Content Comment Item no. SAP-Mat.-Number
sera Rock Dragon Stone Z Rock Dragon Stone S/M 0,6-1,4kg 1 St. (0,6 - 1,4 kg) 0,6 - 1,4 kg 32618 47067
sera Rock Dragon Stone Z Rock Dragon Stone L2-3kg 1 St. (2 - 3 kg) 2 - 3 kg 32619 47069
sera Rock Dragon Stone Z Rock Dragon Stone XXL ca 6kg 1 St. (ca. 6 kg) ca. 6 kg 32620 47070
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