sera ectopur

Alleviation in case of disease and stress

  • With purifying oxygen
  • Alleviates the breathing of fish
  • Alleviates stress
  • Supports the treatment efficacy in case of external diseases
  • Accelerates regeneration

sera ectopur is an oxygen releasing salt blend for caring in case of stress and for the effective support of disease treatments against external diseases of fish (e.g. ectoparasites, bacteria, fungal infections).

The oxygen has a purifying effect and alleviates breathing, while the salt stimulates new formation of mucous membranes and thus supports fending off pathogens located on or in the skin. Stress is generally alleviated.

In case a disease treatment is required, its efficacy is improved by sera ectopur.

Product name SAP-Mat.-Label Content Comment Item no. SAP-Mat.-Number

sera ectopur

ectopur 100ml 130g D/US/F/NL/I/E/P (FS)
100 ml (130 g / 4.6 oz.) sufficient for: 172 US gal. (650 liters) 02320 42145

sera ectopur

ectopur 2,2L 2,5kg D/US/F/NL/I/E/P
2,200 ml (2.5 kg / 5.5 lb.) sufficient for: 3,300 US gal. (12,500 liters) 02330 40464
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