sera Hardscape Rio Negro

Roots and bottom ground for an Amazon landscape

Three great roots form the heart of the Rio Negro hardscape. Two big XL pieces of wood extending over the middle and background provide beautiful branches and the basis for a natural landscape. Another root in the foreground rounds off the setup. The roots are already mounted on shale slabs and thus do not float. The single branches of the roots are suited for planting. In combination with the included dark gravel, the hardscape provides everything required for a harmonic Amazon biotope. Combination with a dimmed lighting and the use of alder cones allows creating a beautiful blackwater biotope.

The Rio Negro hardscape perfectly matches the biggest of the sera AquaTanks. Due to the open design of the AquaTanks, it is also possible to use it in the 128 liter (34 US gal.) AquaTank. Additional roots and/or rocks can be added to the hardscape.


Included with the Rio Negro hardscape:

  • 1 x sera Scaper Wood L
  • 2 x sera Scaper Wood XL
  • 1 x sera floredepot 2.4 kg (5.3 lb.)
  • 1 x sera floredepot 4.7 kg (10.4 lb)
  • 1 x sera Gravel Brown 20 l

Note: Without plants – the pictures merely serves as a setup example!



Animal stock

The Rio Negro hardscape can be ideally used for a single species tank. A shoal of South American tetras will feel particularly well here. A well structured under water landscape provides them great opportunities to discover the aquarium. Dwarf cichlids such as ramirezis and plecos will also feel well with this hardscape.



The following plants have been used in the setup example:

Helanthium bolivianum3
Anubias barteri "Compact"2
Anubias barteri var. nana "Bonsai"2
Echinodorus parviflorus "Tropica"2
Ammannia gracilis1
Lagenandra meeboldii2
Hygrophila lancea1
Pogostemon erectus1
Lobelia cardinalis "Mini"1
Helanthium tenellum2
Hydrocotyle tripartita1

Different Anubias species can easily be attached to roots with a thread or some glue. Low growing plants can be distributed in the foreground. The included bottom ground provides them great support, and its structure ensures good water circulation and an ideal settling area for useful bacteria. South American swordplants in the background round off the theme aquarium.

Additional lighting

Depending on the planting it is advisable to enhance lighting by adding a third LED tube. In case of abundant planting, the plant growth supporting sera LED X-Change Tube plantcolor sunrise is particularly well suited. If many bottom covering plants are being used, the sera LED X-Change cool daylight LED tube is particularly reasonable, since bottom covering plants require very much light and “extend” towards it in case of insufficient light, which makes them grow taller.
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sera Hardscape Rio Negro

Hardscape AquaTank Rio Negro
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