sera Hardscape Shrimp

Rocks, roots and bottom ground for shrimp aquariums

The Hardscape Shrimp allows creating an ideal living environment for shrimps. The medium sized and big root as well as the six small stones allow creating an impressive landscape. So the shrimps can be provided with sufficient hideaways and a varied blend of different places to dwell as in nature. The roots furthermore serve as a food source for the shrimps. The anthracite colored gravel is of medium grain size, which is perfect for shrimps: they can look for food between the small stones, according to their natural requirements. On the dark bottom ground, particularly colorful shrimps additionally appear very nicely.

The Hardscape Shrimp is optimal for the sera Scaper Cube 48 liters (12.7 US gal.) (40x40x30 cm / 16x16x12 in.), but is also suited for the sera Scaper Cubes 64 liters (16.9 US gal.) (40x40x40 cm / 16x16x16 in.) and 80 liters (21 US gal.) (40x40x50 cm / 16x16x20 in.), which only differ in height. The Scaper Cubes 64 L and 80 L can be equipped with additional rocks and roots purchased separately for using the entire height.

The Hardscape Shrimp includes:

  • 6 x sera Rock Gray Mountain S/M
  • 1 x sera Scaper Root S 25 – 30 cm (9.8 – 11.8 in.)
  • 1 x sera Scaper Root M 30 – 35 cm (11.8 – 13.8 in.)
  • 1 x sera floredepot 4.7 kg (10.4 lb.)
  • 2 x sera Gravel Anthracite 6 l

Note: Without plants – the image merely serves as a setup example!



As the name already tells, the “Shrimp” Hardscape is particularly well suited for shrimps. Shrimp species from the genera Caridina (e.g. Amano shrimps, tiger and bee shrimps) or Neocaridina (e.g. Red Fire, Sakura, White Pearl) are, for instance, very popular.


The following plants are used in the setup example:



Hemianthus callitrichoides Cuba


Crinum calamistratum


Microsorum pteropus


Vesicularia ferriei


Pogostemon stellatus


Staurogyne repens


Lagenandra meeboldii Red


Abundant planting is very important for shrimps for two reasons: on the one hand, they like to hide there, on the other hand fine periphyton forms on the plants that the shrimps graze off. Bottom covering plants are particularly well suited, as the shrimps can hide underneath them and eat the sludge forming under them at the same time. Moss is also ideal for a shrimp aquarium: it is very finely pinnate and thus provides a good settling possibility for micro organisms which the shrimps again like to eat.

Additional lighting

Depending on the planting, a second LED tube is recommended for the two sera Scaper Cubes 64 liters and 80 liters. In case of abundant planting, the sera LED X-Change Tube plantcolor sunrise, which supports plant growth, is particularly well suited. If many bottom covering plants are being used, the LED tube sera LED X-Change cool daylight is particularly useful as bottom covering plants require particularly much light and – in case of insufficient light – “stretch” for it, causing them to grow in height.

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