sera LED Digital Dimmer

Dimmer for controlling the sera LED lighting individually

  • Brightness or light intensity control
  • Can also be used as a timer
  • Allows the simulation of sunrise and sunset as well as cloud scenarios and midday dimming
  • Suitable for all sera LED lamps

The sera LED Digital Dimmer allows to control and dim all sera LED products.

The dimmer makes it possible to adjust the brightness or light intensity of the aquarium lighting to the requirements of the fish individually. The dimmer can also be used as a timer. It not only allows fixed programming of start and end time of the lighting but also increases or decreases the light intensity slowly.

Combination with the "sunrise" versions of the sera LED X-Change Tubes thus allows simulating spectacular sunrises and sunsets as well as two different cloud scenarios and midday dimming (to 30% of the maximum brightness, between 1 p.m. and 3:15 p.m.).

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sera LED Digital Dimmer

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