sera Rock Red Lava

Dark red lava rock with porous surface

As the name already implies, the sera Rock Red Lava is lava rock with a dark red color. The extremely porous surface is not only excellently suitable for planting, but also provides settling area for useful filter bacteria. Due to its porosity, the lava rock is rather light, thus is also suited for bigger structures in the aquarium without causing extreme weight burden.

The sera Rock Red Lava is available in the two sizes S/M and L:

  • sera Rock Red Lava S/M: 8 – 15 cm (3.1 – 5.9 in.)
  • sera Rock Red Lava L: 16 – 23 cm (6.3 – 9.1 in.)

The rock is neutral in water and does not contain lime.

The product can differ from the picture since it is a natural product.

Product name SAP-Mat.-Label Content Comment Item no. SAP-Mat.-Number
sera Rock Red Lava Rock Red Lava S/M 8-15cm 1 St. 8 – 15 cm 32356 45894
sera Rock Red Lava Rock Red Lava L 16-23cm 1 St. 16 – 23 cm 32357 45895
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