sera Koi Bakto Tabs

Food tablets for ill Koi and other ornamental pond fish

The easily digestible and particularly tasty food tablets for freshwater and marine fish quickly and safely combat bacterial infections such as bacterial dropsy (fish show symptoms such as slimy feces, bloated belly, protruding scales and bulging eyes). This special food must be fed exclusively until the fish have recovered entirely.


Not available in Germany and the UK.

Not for sale in the USA.

Product name SAP-Mat.-Label Content Item no. SAP-Mat.-Number

sera Koi Bakto Tabs

Koi Bakto Tabs 250ml 675Tabs GB/E/P/PL
675 Tabs (171 g / 6 oz.) 07482 44287

sera Koi Bakto Tabs

Koi Bakto Tabs 500ml 1350T US/E/P/PL(FS)
1,350 Tabs (340 g / 12 oz.) 07484 42165
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