sera Koi Multivitamin

Extra vitamins for more liveliness

sera Koi Multivitamin is the complementary food consisting of a carefully manufactured, emulsified multivitamin concentrate for Koi and other pond fish.

It effectively and safely adds all essential vitamins to the diet. It closes possible supply gaps and prevents deficiencies when simply dripped onto the food or added to the water. Disease resistance, health and liveliness of the fish are enhanced.

Application during stress situations, in case of a disease, for juvenile animals and for supporting breeding is particularly useful.

Recommended animal size

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sera Koi Multivitamin

100 ml 07755

Complementary feed for all Koi

Feeding guide
Shake well before using!
  • For regular diet enhancement; for strengthening in stress situations (e.g. transfers, maintenance measures, territorial fights, temperature variations) as well as a supportive measure in case of a disease.
  • Weekly to, at the maximum, once daily drip 4 – 6 drops per Koi onto the food, let soak briefly and then feed immediately.
  • Alternatively, a half bottle cap (5 ml) can be dosed per each 1,500 l (396 US gal.) of water in case of Koi that are not eating anymore.

water, vitamin blend.


Vitamins and provitamins: Vit. A 545,000, Vit. B1 2,000, Vit. B2 1,500, Vit. B6 2,000, Vit. B12 2, Vit. C 55,000, Vit. D3 100,000, Vit. E 4,700, Vit. K 510, calcium-D-pantothenate 5,000, folic acid 480, nicotinamide 10,000.

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