sera Koi Snack Professional Nature

The snack for feeding from the hand

The nibbling sticks allow a special way of feeding. The fish quickly become familiar with the hand holding the snack, and approach you very closely. The additional proximity creates further trust and makes every feeding a unique event.

When held into the water with one end, the Koi can easily bite off the easily digestible sticks. With a little luck and patience, the animals will also eat other food types from your hand once they are familiar with it.

Natural food for pond fish

This product belongs to the "sera Nature" product range, which does not require any dyes nor preservatives. The colors of the different food types are due to the natural ingredients. A varied diet with ingredients close to nature is the best protection against deficiencies, and supports the health and liveliness of the fish in any season. The Nature food types therefore contain natural ingredients such as spirulina, krill or sustainable insect meal from soldier fly larvae (Hermetia). The signets on the front side of the package highlight these ingredients and their amounts in the food.

Product name SAP-Mat.-Label Content Item no. SAP-Mat.-Number

sera Koi Snack Professional Nature

Koi Snack Nat 20St D/F/NL/I/E/P/..
20 St. (35 g) 07221 46481

Compound feed for all Koi

Feeding guide
Hold and partly dip Koi Snack Nature in the water for the Koi to bite it off. This in-between snack can be fed daily.

wheat flour, corn starch, krill (5%).

Guaranteed analysis

Min. Crude Protein 17.6%, Min. Crude Fat 3.3%, Max. Crude Fiber 4.9%, Max. Moisture 7.9%, Max. Crude Ash 3.2%.

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