sera pond UVC-55 X

UVC water clarifier for ponds above 10,000 liters (2,642 US gal.)

The sera Pond UVC-55X lastingly provides you with crystal clear and biologically healthy pond water. It reliably removes all kinds of floating algae (cloudy green water), reduces the multiplication of thread and other algae, and lastingly removes pathogens and bacterial water cloudiness by up to 97%.

The UVC corrosion proof stainless steel body is not only long lived, but also reflects the UVC radiation and enhances its effect by up to 35%. The UVC lamp with amalgam has a life span extended by up to 42% as well as a higher performance (more than 52%) compared to standard UVC lamps.

The appliance can be mounted to filters or prefilter chambers by means of the included lead-through connectors, and it is also suitable for direct connection to a pond pump [90° water intake connectors for 25 and 32 mm (1" and 1.25") hoses as well as variable hose connectors for 20, 25, 32 and 40 mm (0.78", 1", 1.25" and 1.58") hoses are also included].

The UVC system sera Pond UVC-55X is supplied with a 10 m (11 yd.) cable.

Product name SAP-Mat.-Label Content Item no. SAP-Mat.-Number
Y ERS Hauptrohr+Schraubringen f UVC 55W ERS Hauptrohr+Schraubringe f UVC-55X 32312 45534
sera electronic ballast 55 W Vorschaltgerät elektr UV-C-System 55W

for sera pond UV-C System 55 W

1 pc. 08239 80197
sera Quarzglasrohr ERS Quarzglasrohr f UVC-55X 32311 45533
ERS UV-C-Amalgam-Lampe f UVC-55X (15046) ERS UV-C-Amalgam-Lampe f UVC-55X 32309 45531
sera Fassung für UV-C 55 W (ab 07/2016) ERS UVC 55W ab 7/2016 Fassung 1 St. 31204 45135
sera pond variable hose connector Vario-Schlauchstutzen PP Teichp/UV-C-55W
  • for sera pond UV-C System 55 W
  • for sera pond pumps PP
1 pc. 30050 80384
sera pond 90° water intake connector Wassereinlaufstutzen 1 1/4'' f 55W

for sera pond UV-C System 55 W

1 pc. 08228 80190
sera pond mounting bracket Befestigungsadapter f 55W

for sera pond UV-C System 55 W

1 pc. 08227 80189
sera Zentierring für UVC55X Zentrierring f UVC-System UVC55X 1 St. 32592 46804
sera Montagefuß für UVC55X Montagefuß Erdung Kabel Spannring UVC55X 1 St. 32590 46799
sera Endstück für UVC55X Endstück schwarz f UVC-System UVC55X 1 St. 32591 46801
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