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Freshwater Diseases

Treatment of skin flukes on fancy guppies

Hello, both is alright, since skin and gill flukes are usually very specific to a certain host, i.e. a species that affects guppies will usually not affect the catfish. However, the...

Freshwater Diseases

Treatment of swim bladder infections

Hello, sera baktopur direct  (tablets to be dissolved in water) and sera baktoTabs (food tablets with the same anti-bacterial agent nifurpirinol - this of course requires that the...

Freshwater Fish

Add hatchetfish to existing fish stock?

Hello, a few hatchetfish can be added if the tank is well structured and abundantly planted - however, they are very surface orientated. For the middle zones it is better to increase...

Freshwater Care

Lighting time in an aquarium?

Hello, concerning the lighting time, there are rather different opinions among both aquarists and aquarium literature. Where most aquarium fish and plants originate from, the day...

Freshwater Fish

Fish stock for a 60 cm (23.6 in.) aquarium

Hello, you can add two male and 4 female Guppies, about 10 Neon Tetras, and 6 - 8 Otocinclus. The tank is already rather densely stocked with the above mentioned fish (by the way:...

Freshwater Fish

Fish stock for a community tank / Salt in the water

Hello, Concerning "fish stock":Half as many Guppies are enough, they multiply quickly! The rest is basically OK, but the number of Corydoras and Otocinclus should be higher (6 - 8...

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