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Freshwater Diseases

Ulcer on a dwarf gourami

Hello, possibly this is due to an infection with bacteria related to Aeromonas or Pseudomonas (-> sera baktopur direct), but an infection with fish tuberculosis (cannot be treated)...

Freshwater Care

Using sera aquatan if water changes are conducted without a bucket

Hello, there is a very simple solution:distribute the corresponding conditioner amount after having removed the "old" water, then top up with fresh water. This will always protect...

Freshwater Care

UV protection foil for algae prevention?

Hello, I am sceptical, because glass itself already absorbs most of the UV. If the aquarium (and not heat etc.) is the main reason for the protection, you could also cover the...

Freshwater Fish

Veiltail goldfish in an aquarium

Hello, first of all, 25 liters (5.5 US gal.) are by far insufficient for goldfish, including veiltails! The gross tank volume shoud be at least 100 liters (22 US gal.) for...

Freshwater Diseases

Veiltail goldfish swim upside down

Hello, according to the description, my guess is a bacterial swim bladder infection that may be treated with sera baktopur direct or sera bakto Tabs, at least in early stages. Comba...

Freshwater Technical equipment

Water becomes cloudy after a water change

Hello, it sounds as if many (basically beneficial!) bacteria (= milky cloudiness) are swirled up from the bottom gravel during the water change and simply require some time for...

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