Frequently asked questions

Freshwater Diseases

Water change after/during a sera costapur treatment

Hello, Concerning "partial wate change":In such a situation, you should wait for about 3 days after the last symptoms have vanished before carrying out a partial water change....


Water change rate and filter cleaning

Hello, Concerning "cleaning the filter media":this is alright if it considers only the prefilter media! However it is necessary only when these are clogged so densely that the water...


Water cloudiness and bottom ground mix-up

Hello, yes, the cloudiness will settle after a few days or is by and by trapped by the filter −  possibly you will need to wash out the prefilter materials if they get clogged.You...


Water smells bad

Hello, it is important to act without delay, because the unpleasantly smelling gases are very toxic for the fish! In case coarse gravel is used as bottom material, it is helpful if...


What are "cold water" and "warm water"?

Hello, this question is not as simple as it may look at first! I will start with the most clearly defined section - warm water.This (concerning the fish) refers to species from the...

Freshwater Care

What are the consequences of very high silicate levels?

Hello, high silicate levels indeed support diatom growth, but that's it. Silicate is not toxic and does not have any other (i.e. besides supporting diatom growth) harmful effects in...

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