Frequently asked questions

Freshwater Fish

How large do Ancistrus catfish grow?

Hello, this is not entirely precisely predictable, because the common Ancistrus catfish very likely comprise several hybrids.Some of them grow to only about 7 cm, whereas others grow...

Freshwater Technical equipment

How is a fluorescent tube constructed and what do you have to observe during operation?

Hello, fluorescent tubes are widely distributed in the aquarium hobby. They are a standard light source for almost all aquariums. A fluorescent layer (a so-called "phosphor"; this...

Freshwater Technical equipment

How noisy is the sera fil external filter?

Hello, the sera fil external filters are very quiet - they are hardly noticed during normal operation. Of course they should be placed resonance free, furthermore make sure the...

Freshwater Fish

How many Kribensis (Pelvicachromis pulcher) in 180 liters (39.6 US gal.)?

Hello, in the long run, you can in any case keep only one pair in the aquarium, the aquarium size is not sufficient for two pairs. It would be ideal if a possibly not accepted...

Freshwater Fish

How many angelfish for a 300 liter (66 US gal.) aquarium?

Hello, you can only keep one pair of adult angelfish in there. Additional specimens are, to say it in clear terms, certain death candidates! Juveniles live in larger groups from...

Freshwater Invertebrates

Worms and Hydra

Hello, Concerning "flalworms/Hydra":flatworms are one possibility considering the animals that creep on the glass pane, however threadworms (nematodes) or oligochaetes are also...

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